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Do you know there are so many different ways you can party ? Do you know what the number one reason for parties is hint its not sales or recruits! ITS NETWORKING !! So many times you get a party and you focus only on posting and talking to the hostess but do you really dig in and make new friends? You should be interacting just as if you were in a home party!!
So what are some different parties you can do? Name more below if you have them!
💜Online parties
💜Group Parties with your teams
💜Group Parties with several hostesses
💜Home Parties
💜Text Parties
💜30 min Parties
💜Live parties
💜Google Hangouts
💜Group Message Parties
THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS and even better, switch them up to expand your customers!!!!

See a Sample 4D Party Script in LashPosh Team Page - Unit 6 here

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