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Start making money- AFFILIATES

In this module you will learn: 

  • How to get your FIRST SALES ​to see SUCCESS right from the start ... and learn a simple, duplicatable system for building your business!

This business is SUPER SIMPLE.

Focus on doing these THREE actions:

1) Booking with Hostesses (we will show you how)

2) Selling Products (to people you meet through

    your hostesses)

3) Sponsoring Teammates (and teach them to do

   what you just did) 

That's it! 


and then repeat.

Video 1: 20 seconds

Video 2: The System 30 seconds



Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 2.25.21 AM.png

People usually OVER think this.

Keep it VERY SIMPLE.  Do not worry about what they will THINK or SAY.   And don't put this step off.

Start right now. 

TASK: Message 30 people.


Try to think of people in different circles (so not all 30 people from your family). You can also think of people that already network in their life or know more people (people that own a business already are great at this).

WHAT TO SAY: keep it simple.  Just send this and nothing else (we will tell you what to do next on the next page).

"Hey Susie, Want to be my affiliate of the week?"

Easy Peasy. 

Once you've sent out 30 messages, go onto the next step.   Don't worry about replying to them YET - just send them out.


Book 10 Affiliate Host Links and start running them

Once you've gone through the Host Post Step by Step come back to the new presenter training:

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