Being successful with your new business

is all about setting MONTHLY goals

and then putting together DAILY actions to accomplish those goals.


This is for someone that wants to grow their business to be earning hundreds of dollars a month, with the option to build bigger in the future

500 PRS


each month


This is for someone that wants to reach the top rank in the company and be earning thousands of dollars a month quickly

2000 PRS


each month

The KEY is to be CONSISTENT and whatever level you decide to do. 


You cannot work for 3 days and then skip a week and expect people to trust you -- especially on social media.  Just like you couldn't start up a restaurant and then decide not to open for half of the week.  People won't recommend you to their friends or take you seriously. 


Being successful means making this business a PRIORITY in your life.


Plan to commit to your business for at least a full year. That includes NOT spreading yourself thin and shooting yourself in the foot by joining other direct sales companies at the same time.  No one has reached the top by doing multiple companies.  You confuse your audience and you make sponsoring efforts that much more difficult by sharing conflicting messages. 

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