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Vendor events


1. Have a payment reader and make sure it works
2. Always smile and be the most friendly, FUN, engaging and vivacious person there
3. Stand in FRONT of your table and never behind
4. Have one eye done and the other not
5. Have plenty of business cards and a few sample catalogs to look at
6. Have mirrors, tissues, wipes, q tips and disposable applicators for testing products
7. Eye colors, Mascara & Foundations are great products to showcase
8. Frame out some cheap images
9. The dollar store is your friend
10. Have a notepad to track customer info, contact info
11. Prepare to give paper receipts (staples!)
12. Use a pretty tablecloth - keep things simple and clean - white is bright and fresh
13. Do a giveaway - everyone that friend requests you and joins your VIP page is entered to win a Y product and gets specials and discounts in the future
14. Know your product - be able to talk about the BENEFITS
15. GIVE OUT CANDY! Smile and engage with people!

16. Have EXTRA 4D's on hand!! People will want to try it!

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