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💋Make sure your timeline profile pic is viewable on both mobile and pc correctly. This take some trial and error to get it right but I finally made it happen. If you have a custom one, I recommend playing around with it.

💋We do not work for Younique Corp.. we work for ourselves. Thats where your business name goes (link to your business page if you have one) PLEASE do not put Younique Corp. People will usually not accept friend requests from an account like this!

💋Description.. make it fun.. use emojis..tell about you, your accomplishments. (Mom/Wife/Leader)

💋 Make your profile public and ALLOW followers. You will want this feature as you start to fill up your friends list. At some point in your business, your friends list will get full and you will need this option. Start allowing it now for those who friend request but aren't on our team! (I wish I would've started this sooner) Also with this feature, if you must decline a friend request, they automatically follow you!

💋 Inspirational quotes are always an uplifter to people

💋PROFILE PIC SHOULD BE YOU! Your profile pic is a clear picture of YOU - not your dog, not your kids, not your favorite team. You are the face of your business, so when someone comes to your page the first thing they should see is your face and the gorgeous makeup you sell!

💋Keep it clean! If you walked by a store that was littered with swear words, political slogans, drama, fighting, and negativity, would you want to go inside? Your Facebook page is your storefront...give it a scan, and clean it up. I went to another direct seller's site a few weeks ago to make a purchase, and her very first post was a rant about something. I immediately clicked off her page and didn't buy. It had nothing to do with whether I agreed or disagreed with her position - it was because it was unprofessional. Don't alienate your audience before they even start!

Social Media and Experimentation

Sure, go ahead and test what’s testable. But the real victories come when you have the guts to launch the untestable. –

Culture of Testing
You can do all of the planning you want in social media, but the problem is that you are dealing with people here and hopefully trying to socialize with them. And the social landscape changes with every tweet/post. Without some experimenting and doing things untestable you might not achieve a real victory. #TheDifferent

Building Your Tribe (Through Social Media)
The magic of the tribe is that you can build it incrementally, that day by day you can earn the asset that will allow you to bring your work to people who want it. Or you can skip that and wait to get picked. Picked to be on Oprah or American Idol or at the cash register at Borders.

Getting picked is great. Building a tribe is reliable, it’s hard work and it’s worth doing. – No Knight, No Shining Armor
Anyone who has read the classic Seth Godin book Tribes understands the potential for social media to help provide the infrastructure to create a tribe, and that ideally community managers are building “tribes” of fans. While Seth’s quote was aimed at authors who wanted to get rich quick, his point is similar to what I wrote about in Why Social Media for Business is Like a Marathon. Building a tribe in social media will take time, but it can help you create a true platform of fans that will reward you over the weeks, months, and even years. #TribesMatter

Embrace Social Media and Become a Leader, Not a Follower
Every brand, every organization and every individual is either running away from something or running toward something (or working hard to stand still).

Are you chasing or being chased? Are you leading or following? Are you fleeing or climbing? – Running Away vs. Running Toward
Most of the competition is either fleeing from social media or doing the bare minimum to try to show that they are “relevant.” Guess what? It’s not working! #TheHuntedLeader

Engage with Your Customers, and You Shall Increase Your Engagement
The customers you fire and those you pay attention to all send signals to the rest of the group. – Train Your Customers
In social media, you truly get what you deserve. Treat your customers right and they will spread thanks and praises about you through their tweets and comments. #BringMoreTribesIn

Don’t Forget about the “Social” in Social Media
The experience I have with you as a customer or a friend is far more important than a few random bits flying by on the screen. The incredible surplus of digital data means that human actions, generosity and sacrifice are more important than they ever were before. – The Blizzard of Noise (and the Good News)

We are spending more and more time on the Internet and in social media, so our world is becoming increasingly digital. But guess what? You can only win true fans for your business by being truly social and human. The fact that the world is more and more digital means that the generosity and caring of your company will be seen all the more clearly by your fans. #TrulyCare

Let Others Broadcast Your Message for You
The goal shouldn’t be to have a lot of people to yell at, the goal probably should be to have a lot of people who choose to listen. Don’t need a bullhorn for that. – Bullhorns are Overrated
If you are resourceful in your content and truly engaging with your fans, you don’t need more Twitter followers – you need more listeners. Let others SHARE your message for you. #IfTheyLoveYouTheyWillListen

You Have to Be Bigger Than Your Brand in Social Media
Great brands represent something bigger than themselves. You can create this accidentally if you’re lucky, but you can create it on purpose if you try. – #Represent

If you only talk about yourself in social media no one is listening. Social media was made for people, not brands. More importantly, if you’re trying to reach out to others and build a tribe for your brand in social media, you need to be bigger than your own company. You need to represent your industry, a lifestyle, a solution to a problem. Become a resource to others in social media, and your brand will be rewarded handsomely. Another reason why everyone’s content is king in social media. #ContentIsKing

Use the Social Media Tools at Your Disposal and Stop Looking for New Ones
All of the tools that you need, primarily WordPress, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube are there for you to use at your disposal. Are you using them to the maximum? More importantly, are you engaging with your fans as if they were human beings instead of just numbers? Ladies and gentlemen, we are blessed with a platform (= social media) that allows businesses and professionals to connect their brands and themselves in a way and on a scale that just wasn’t possible for the 99.99% of the past... since the dawn of time really. These tools are there for your disposal. Don’t waste them: Do something great with them!

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