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Print your friends list
Be prepped with lots of paper. Doesn’t take much ink 😉

• Go through and investigate 🕵🏻‍♀️ your friends. Look up each friend. Is she already in Direct Sales?
Does she log in and post more than once a year?

•Comment more than 3 words on a recent post of hers.

•Write her name and pertinent details in your recruiting 📝 📓

•Write her name on four  dates within the next month.

• First date☝🏼 more comment plus a question to her inbox.

"Where did you get your shirt? I love it!" Just start conversation with NO MENTION of Younique. JUST CONVERSATION!!

• Second date - another positive comment on one of her posts plus a message to her inbox again. " I have big goals in 2020 and I’m making a list of women I think would be amazing at Younique. You have a great social media presence. Are you open to talking some about what I do? Totally no pressure- Just think you would be amazing!”
If they are interested act busy!!! But send them a video
Ex: I’m literally running out the door, crazy day. Let me send you this our site and you'll have to watch the video at the top! I’ll check in later or message me first with questions ❤️ Then send :

• Third date -- Comment on a couple of her posts.. do not message this time! Interact on posts only.

• Fourth date-- check back in question- “Just checking back to see if you’ve given it any thought. Would it be ok if I sent you a pic of what you’ll get in your business starter kit?”

•Repeat, daily. Seriously, success is an action that becomes a habit. Build your discipline. No one can do that but you. The tools are here. The opportunity is unreal. You just need to put in the work- you’ll thank yourself, I promise!

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