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MODULE 3 - first actions


The first thing we want you to do is share a CURIOSITY POST on Facebook (or Instagram if that is your main social media tool). 

The goal of this post is (as you guessed) to create curiosity. 

You can either go LIVE on Facebook (I know that might sound scary but it is SO effective) 

OR share a photo of you (snap a pic of an excited face) 

and post (or say) something like this: 

okay - so I've NEVER done anything like this, but I am SOOO excited!!  I just started something BIG -- something NEW --  I'm doing it to better my family and my kids.  It's going to be amazing -- and I cannot wait to share more in the coming days!!  

*** Notice there is NO mention of Younique.  If you give ALLLL the info then there's little reason for people to comment or message you.  The goal is to make people CURIOUS about what you're doing so they comment on your post or reach out to you.  


The BEST pics are of YOU!!



Grab an image you love and change the wording to fit YOU! This is just an idea and you can make it as little or as much as you want it to be!

Ok so today I did something crazy!!!! I joined a company 😱 the mission behind it is AMAZING. I am so excited and can’t wait to give you all the hook up. GET IN MY INBOX.... 🤣👏🏻

When someone comments on your post, simply respond to the comment with an emoji (fire, heart, praise hands etc) then, ALWAYS bring the conversation into messenger. Something like:

"Hey Cara, that mascara is INSANE, right?" (let her answer)

"I found it while scrolling through Facebook and went all-in after seeing the results. I decided to just buy the Presenters kit to try and earn my money back and maybe get more free make up. Do you want to order one?" (Let her answer)

"Ok cool, here is the link to order (insert link). There are also a few kit options, basically, a massive discount on full-size products do you want to see those?" (Send her pics of the kits and what is in the with pricing) You can find the current kits on your website. Scroll to the bottom and click "Join" and then "Presenter Kit" 

STEP 2 - Reconnect

Over the next week, spend time reconnecting with people you are friends with on Facebook. 

You don't have to mention Younique at all.  Catch up.  Ask them about their life, their recent vacation, their kid's activities, etc . . . 

The way Facebook works, (and instagram too) - when you interact with people (aka be social) they will see more of your posts.  Messaging them is BEST, but even commenting on their wall will help a bit. 

step 3- cleaning up social media

Time to Make Your Social Media Profile attract the type of people that will want to purchase and join you. 

Tip 1: 

Make sure your profile picture is a photo of YOU! 

Not your pets or your kids or a random graphic. 

You and your spouse / partner is good - but a photo of YOU by yourself is better.

​Tip 2: 

Decide to NOT be a "chronic sharer".  

If you typically share 5-8 posts each day from OTHER people, other business pages - maybe quotes or funny memes or videos. You will really want to consider NOT  doing that from now on. 

If you constantly share posts from other people, Facebook essentially HIDES your posts from everyone on your friends list.  Very few people actually are seeing those posts.  

Instead you want to share your OWN photos / content as much as possible.  Photos of your family, your vacations, your home, etc . . . You can still have inspirational quotes and funny memes - but instead of sharing them, upload them straight to your profile.

You can also find more profile tips here.

STEP 4: Your easy ten

Time to share the awesome 4D mascara with your besties!! 

Reach out to TEN people that you can ask to try out the mascara. These should be people you already have a relationship with.  Think family, close friends - people that would do anything for you - message them directly:


Hey Susie!  I just got started with this awesome new mascara business.  Would you try it and compare it to what you already use? 


Of course if it is someone you are REALLY close to (sister / bff) you could say something like. " Okay Sarah - I just found the best mascara ever  You will seriously love it.  Can I put you down on my list for one? "

STEP 5: Your hot ten

Make a List of TEN people that are one of these traits: 

* driven

* creative

* already own a business

* hair stylist

* mua

* photographer

* already in direct sales

* sell on etsy

* sell baked goods 

* graphic designer

Reach out to them and use this formula: 

1) Give a genuine compliment. 

"Hey Susie, I know you've had your photography business for a few years now and you do such a great job with it.

2) Let them know you're starting a new business

3) Ask if you can meetup / call them and ask their opinion  - get some business advice for your new business. 

Meeting up in person is best - but phone call is 2nd best. 

When you meet up: 

Don't ask them to join you. Simply have a conversation where you are genuinely wanting their opinion and advice.   Of course, if they ask questions about your new business, answer them.  

Best case scenario: You come away with someone that is interested in joining you with your business. 

Worst case scenario: You just got great business advice and connected with a like-minded person. 

step 6: 30 days of posts

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