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Live Tips

💕💕Be confident! You’re amazing for doing this.💕💕

• Don’t worry about the video being perfect. Perfection is not real.

💕 USE NOTES - Bullet Points 

// This helps keep you on track!

// Have bullet points of what you plan on covering so people don't tune out. 🔘#BulletPoints



//Facebook wants to see genuine interaction .

//Ask questions Exp: Drop me a 1 if...

// Ask for shares- Exp: If you got value from this video please share.



// Most of your viewers will always be the people watching the replay, so I would strongly encourage you to get right into the action, content, and Information. 

// Share the title of the video while you wait a few seconds and ask them to comment where they are running in from for interaction.



// People don’t tune into videos that didn't have a title or have a title that is blah! 😑

// Captivate and attract. Create curiosity so that your viewer has no choice but to tune in! Your title is your HOOK! 😉



// Natural Lighting is best find yourself a window and put your face in it! OR get a lamp/clip on phone light. Amazon has affordable ring lights!

// Have a simple background. You want people looking at you, not your surroundings.



// It is very hard to focus when the camera is shaking around and moving. One minute I see your face, then the floor, then a close up of your nose...... if you don't have a tripod, use books, or a table, or a candle.



// Your energy must match your live. Before you push the button to go live - dance, jump around, power pose, listen to your favorite song- whatever it takes to get you in the zone.



// It is evident that live video is a powerful tool for growth - don't let fear hold you back from the success that belongs to you! 

it is just Facebook live - there are no real dangers. If you're afraid of being bad at it, know that you are in good company! We are all terrible when we start - it's all part of the growing process!  💕



You can stream pre-recorded LIVES here . 🔥💯🙌🏼

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