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ideas to boost sales


Promo videos.. Can find more in our team media page under FLASH SALES

cinderella challenge


 The Cinderella Challenge!! 

Goal: To sell $300 in product in one night
Mission: Private Message 15 people personally who love you and the products already

FIRST..Make an album in your facebook private group page of Lipstick pictures. 4-5 pictures. Name it  Lipsticks" Your album description should read: (you can do this with any product!)
~Younique Moodstruck Opulence Lipstick is a long-wearing buttery-soft lipstick that smoothly glides on and provides full, colorful coverage for a glowing and modern look. Infused with crushed ruby gemstones, Younique's luxurious matte and metallic lipstick formulas pack brilliant light pink to deep red color effects for rich, lively lips!! (your website link) ~

"Hey girl! I am in a contest tonight...but just until midnight! Would you be willing to take a peek at my Younique Moodstruck Opulence Lipsticks super quick and consider trying one for $19? Thats it! If so, just holler and I'll send you the link to my custom album and help you get your order going for you!"

When she writes you back that she is willing to help you.. THEN send her this:

"You Rock! Thank you! We also have a 3/$50 if you cant decide on just one color! Here is the link to my custom album (insert link to your facebook album ) I'll check back with you later tonight!"

Touch base after a couple hours and follow up ;)

Fairy Godmother tips....
1. When you are choosing who to message, be sure you can answer "yes" to each of these questions. A.) Do I know the person well? B.) Does she know what I sell? C.) Has she ordered from me before or showed interest in ordering? D.) Will she be on facebook tonight?
2. Dont be tempted in the first message to send your link. Get her response that she is willing to help you BEFORE you throw a catalog at her. Your message will be better received.

Who is in? Special gift for those who complete this tonight💜💜

JUST 1 challenge




Just 1 Challenge is an amazing way to get products into your friends hands and its not asking much of them!

Posting on your wall...

"I'm looking for those who would replace ONE item in your makeup bag! Its a big day and I appreciate your support! 







And in messenger messaging your friends...

Hey ________!
I saw that you are in my VIP makeup group and just wanted to thank you for your support! My team & I are pushing for a huge goal, & I am trying to earn ______.

We are on a mission to find women to try just one product, & we are so sure you will love it! Would you be willing to replace just one product in your makeup bag?

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