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Younique is the home and creator of online parties, however, some women choose to host Home Parties!


One of our Exclusive Status presenters shares:


 I wanted to share something that has consistently worked for me the 4 years I’ve been in this business & that’s in home parties and in home one on one makeovers! So, what are the perks of loading up your makeup caboodle & going and making someone feel like a princess for a day? I’m so glad you asked!

—> I have found that women really appreciate being shown how to apply their makeup.
You don’t have to be a makeup artist — most of the clients you’ll meet aren’t going to want to spend 1-2 hours on their makeup everyday. They want a simple, achievable routine. Watch a few YouTube videos or find a presenter and watch some of her lives/tutorials and just show them what you know.

—> Immediate sales. One makeover I did this month was a $200 order on the spot and I’m going back in a couple of weeks for an in home party. If you can ever get the products on their face THEY WILL BE HOOKED 🙌

—> I met one of the leaders on my team doing makeup for an event! 

—> The makeovers give me long term clients. These are my clients that reorder month after month.

So what do you think? Sound worth it?


It doesn't have to be fancy and you dont even have to have food! These are just some examples!

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