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Choose from one of the posts / pictures below for each day. Make sure to change the name to YOUR presenter's name :)  Its just a guideline and you are always welcome to change it to whatever you feel most comfortable with!

TO SAVE the picture, On your iphone just hold your finger on the pic and click "save". Same for the text! Hold your finger on it and press "copy".  Let me know if you have any trouble saving the images.

day 1 - Pick One


Ok guys, I’m doing it!! My friend Brooklyn keeps showing these lash pics and I can’t take it any more. I’m ordering one!! Brooklyn is the real deal and will hook you up. just comment #deal to learn about the special bundles she has JUST for my friends :)  #brooklynslashes


LADIES!!!! I'm super excited to finally get my hands on this amazing mascara!!!! Its been sold out for months but my friend Brooklyn can hook us up with a sweet deal! It's a 1 step mascara that gives the look of falsies!! Seriously most have to wait months for this stuff!! If you want one, comment #me! B will give us the goods!! #mascarawithnat


So my friend Brooklyn shared this with me and I have to say... I’m pretty intrigued 😍😍 whatcha think?”

day 2 - Pick One


JUST WOW! Go ahead and toss your falsies because this one-step fiber mascara just made an entrance. Just one coat gives you unreal—yet totally real—lashes that POP!!!

If you want to give it a try - it has a TWO WEEK money-back guarantee! Just drop an emoji below and we will get in touch with you!


Wowza!  I mean, look at those lashes.  My friend Brooklyn is hooking my friends up with a special deal for anyone looking for a BETTER mascara ;)  -- just comment #me below for the deets.  


Ya’ll… Listen up!! This is new 4D MASCARA is freakin' AMAZING!! I get to be an VIP Beauty affiliate this week and I have my OWN link !  My girl ______ covers everything with a 14 day LOVE IT guarantee… That’s how confident she is that you will FALL. IN. LOVE! 


One step 😎No clumps 😎Crazy length 😎Lasts 3+ months!! 😎


Ya’ll don’t want to miss this!!!! 

day 3 - Pick One


Seriously - I'm so impressed at the results from this mascara.  I can't wait to get mine :) And I found out it's even safe for contacts!  It gives lash volume, length, and lift like you’ve never seen in real life. Just one coat gives you unreal—YET TOTALLY REAL—lashes that POP! 😍make sure to use my beauty link or let ______ know and we can put together a big order!!!!  You can all thank me later 😉


WHATTT!!!! How gorgeous is this babe?! It legit looks like she's wearing falsies! 


But it’s NOT!!! It’s 4D mascara! I don’t talk about things I don’t love and THIS gets me freakin’ excited!!!!!  Sharing is caring and that’s why I am her VIP for the week! Don’t forget to use my affiliate link so I get credit!!! 


PS… you can even virtually try on any of the products on there too!!!


 I was totally skeptical if this mascara was THAT good -- but I've been sold!! 

Lean in—I have a little secret to tell you...

You see that mascara there?? It has fibers infused in it and you would NEVER.  KNOW!!!! And it’s not like the other fiber mascaras, this is has special technology to interlock the fibers and give you HUGE freakin lashes!!! With no flaking!!! 🙌🏼

day 4 - Pick One


Even if you naturally have little lashes......4D mascara will grant you long and full ones! No falsies here! - comment #ME for my friend to hook you up with her SUWHEET deal.

Here is the low down on this mascara


• It removes EASILY with makeup remover

• $29

• Comes with a 14-day love it guarantee

• It does NOT damage your lashes

• Water resistant 

• It is not tested on animals!

• It WILL make your girlfriends jeally of your lashes


Make sure to use my VIP link !!! And yall better tag me in those selfies when you get it!!!! 

I love how this mascara looks great no matter the length of your natural lashes.  If you've been looking for that perfect mascara - comment below #yesplease for my friend Brooklyn to hook you up :) #brooklyn4D

Lean in—I have a little secret to tell you...
You see that mascara there?? It has fibers infused in it!!
One step—one tube—HUGE lashes! Like seriously - almost touching her brows.  Just comment #needthat if you to hear about my friend's special deal.  #caraepic

Okay - so HOW cute are these earrings?!  And of course they go fab with her amazing lashes ;) --- only a couple more days to grab the mascara deal of the year with my friend Brooklyn. 

Seriously, though-- 🐄

she looks like she’s about to fly away with her lashes today! 🧚‍♀️ 

I’m still mind blown that this is only ☝🏼step mascara! 🤯you cannot find this in store y'all but you can help me, help you by using my VIP link! 

day 6 - Pick One


Bottom line: it's $29 and if you don't LOVE can get a full refund👊🏼 Seriously try it though(but you gotta use my VIP link!!) You’ll see what I’ve been taking about. 😍🙌🏼


I've had a blast sharing this awesome mascara for my friend Brooklyn.  Now we are sharing the love!!  Want your chance to earn a free mascara -- just comment #FREE below!


Why you need all 3?! Mainly because you get a huge discount. But also: 

💜Lash Serum: increases growth, volume, and strength of your lashes! 

💜Primer: Filled with vitamin E to condition your lashes and prep them for ultimate mascara application! 

💜4D: no explanation needed 🎉🤩 best selling fiber mascara! It’s seriously like a party for your lashes 😍 No need for falsies anymore!

day 7 - Pick One


Thanks so much to Brooklyn for letting me be her lash affiliate this week!  If you haven't grabbed your new fav #4dmascara, today is the last chance!  Just comment #yes below or use the link to browse.  Thanks friends!!


WOOHOO!!  My week as Brooklyn's beauty affiliate has come to an end - but now it's YOUR chance!!  Brooklyn has 5 mascara's up for grabs - comment #free below to learn how to earn yours!


Can you believe the difference 👀? Seriously in 💜 with the stuff!!!

My week as a VIP is almost over 😭but you guys have been amazing!!!! If you HAVEN’T snagged your mascara yet, RUN.. don’t walk to my VIP link!!! 💁‍♀️


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